Indulgent Tea Blends | Delightful Moments

Beva Tea, is a modern tea boutique created to encourage joy through delightful moments.

Our tea leaves and botanicals are produced using premium ingredients from accredited tea estates who carefully handle the leaves with love and care, to keep every drop of its precious flavor.

Whether or not you’re creating a bit of calm amidst a busy workday, sharing a friendly chuckle along with your bestie, embarking on a pampering session because… well you deserve it, or preparing for a contented nights rest. No matter what may be going on, our blends allow you to mindfully take out some ‘me time’, make meaningful connections, relax, rejuvenate, restore, and find peace and calm.

And through the combination of premium ingredients, desert inspired flavors, as well as thoughtful practices, we hope to bring to life a beautiful sensory experience in your tea cup.

Take a journey into your own sacred space and discover your favorite Beva tea blends.

Your “me time” awaits…

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